"BRINGING CHRIST'S LOVE TO NYC"

Our mission is to share Christ's love to the marginalized of Hell's Kitchen, New York. This is accomplished through our various programs offered by our ministry. All of our programs emphasize meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the poor with acts of service. 

Our program is designed to be a stepping-stone in practical application for those called to serve the poor in NYC and around the world.

Our desire is that our interns at St. Paul's House will grow their compassion for the lost, be equipped to promote the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ, and serve the marginalized with excellence.


Our vision is to create a community in the midst of Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen. Our desire is to break down the barriers between those forgotten by society and the people who are called to serve them. We want to see the life-changing truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared and embraced by all guests of the St. Paul's House community, through love and respect that goes both ways.

                   OUR GoSPEL          CENTERED NATURE

The J.J.D Hall Internship Program is an extension of St. Paul's House and God's redemptive work in New York City. Our programs reach out to people in need and provide opportunities for those who are in a position to help meet those needs. God's redemptive plan is the model by which we operate pointing all program participants to Jesus Christ. The focus is not on what we can provide, but on what Christ has done for us and what He can do for them. For this reason, we have a holistic approach to outreach.


We ask that all applicants be:

- Between the ages of 18 and 30.

- A born-again Christian believer that has a heart to serve.

- Loves community and hospitality.

- Flexible and willing to learn.