Movie Night

At 7:00 PM, on the last Tuesday of the month our guests are invited in to watch a movie.  We serve pizza, popcorn, soda and candy.  This is a free program and many of our homeless guests look forward to this event each month.  Movie Night runs from September- Until May each year. 

Here is an article from one of our faithful volunteers about Movie Night

About a year ago I started volunteering at St. Paul’s monthly Movie Night with my community group. We welcomed the guests, served pizza, drinks, and snacks showed a movie and cleaned up at the end. Immediately I was impressed by the atmosphere at St. Paul’s House. After volunteering at several nonprofits across the city I could feel that St. Paul’s was different. When you walk through the door at St. Paul’s it doesn’t feel like you are entering a soup kitchen or a food pantry, it feels like you are entering a home. You immediately feel welcomed, known, and loved. 

St. Paul’s is not just about giving away food and sending people out the door, but instead, it is about loving people well. Sometimes that means serving meals but it can also mean showing movies or hosting youth group on Friday night. I quickly learned that St. Paul’s House has been serving the community of Hell’s Kitchen for over 60 years and they are here to stay. 

When I first heard about Movie Night I was a little skeptical. Do homeless people really want a movie night? Wouldn’t our time be better spent meeting a more immediate need? But as I spent time serving monthly at movie night I realized that it does actually meet a need. People who are struggling with homelessness need community, love, and support. They need a place where they can enter and feel safe. A place where they can cool off in the summer and warm up in the winter. A place where they know they will be welcomed and loved - where they can relax. For many of the guests, Movie Night is a treat and something to look forward to each month. It is a privilege to be able to be a part of the movie night community. Just as our guests enter knowing that they will be loved and valued, I enter knowing the same. 

Would you join me in praying for St. Paul’s House this month? Pray for the staff, that they may be encouraged and supported, that they may have the resources that they need to work effectively, and that they would continue to respond to God’s call. Pray for the volunteers, that they would know that their work and time is valuable and that they would feel welcome and a sense of community when they serve at St. Paul’s. Lastly, pray for the guests of St. Paul’s, that they would experience God’s love when they enter the door, that they are fed both physically and spiritually, that they would feel safe, and that they would be encouraged to go out into the world and share the love that they have received. Thank you for your commitment to St. Paul’s House, both in prayer and in action. It has changed countless lives, including my own, for the better.