The JJD Hall Student Volunteer Training Program is an extension of St. Paul's House and God's redemptive work in New York City and around the world. It’s design is to be a launching pad for those called to serving the impoverished of society.

All of our programs emphasize meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the poor with acts of service. 

Our interns at St. Paul's House will grow their compassion for the lost, be equipped to promote the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ into all the world.

OUR mission

The mission of this program is to equip and train young leaders who believe they are called to full-time ministry.


oUR approach

Our approach is practical and hands-on. Our desire is to expand and maximize their experience not only locally, but nationally and globally in the following ways:

Local Missions: St. Paul’s House, New York City

Students will delve into an urban ministry and master leadership skills through our weekly programs that service the inner-city youth, homeless, and the elderly. They will experience and participate in evangelistic outreaches and have opportunities to engage with other non-profits in supporting the community’s needs.

National Missions: Camp Comanche, Pennsylvania

Camp Comanche, located in Scott Township, Pennsylvania has served disadvantaged children and families since 1978. Our students will participate in a summer camp program and facilitate as a leader on the Junior Support Team to many kids from low-income neighborhoods.

Global Missions: Casa De Dios Y Puerta Del Cielo, Dominican Republic

Student volunteers will share and express the love of Christ while they assist local church ministries and partners. They will be involved in street evangelism outreaches, vocational bible school, ESL classes, health education, medical assistance, and regional projects.

called to full-time ministry?

We ask that all applicants be:

- Between the ages of 18 and 29.

- A born-again Christian believer that has a heart to serve.

- Loves community and hospitality.

- Flexible and willing to learn.

Learn More about our program HEre:

St. Paul's House is a mission house that strives to continue to bring Christ's love to New York City. We are also a training center for believers throughout our Student Volunteer Training program, who want to learn and experience hands-on urban ministry with opportunities for growth. Over its 70-year history, St. Paul's House has helped educate and train hundreds of student workers who are preparing for a life of servant hood. Because of today's needs, we provide food, adult and youth services to the different communities in our neighborhood, city, country, and overseas. 

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Check out more info:

- J.J.D. Hall Student Volunteer FAQs

Interested in applying?

You can apply online at:


Fill out the Google Forms application for the first step of the application process. 

The second part will consist of a video-call/in-person interview.

Please make sure that you take the time and effort to fill out the application. 

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(You must be at least 18 years old and under 29 years old to apply to our program.)